Page 7 - A Soldier Fights Off the Cold - 7 May 2014
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going  through  and  that  it  may  not  be  for  me  to  know

               why.  She is my hero.

               While  some  say  PTSD  is  a  curse  on  families  and  stop

               there, I would add that having a loving family can give us

               an edge over the enemy because we don’t have to fight
               alone.  I regret that my family has to take up arms to help

               me, but I thank God that I have them.

               Together we are winning.  PTSD can’t attack me anymore
               without  getting  more  than  it  gives.   Soon  I  hope  to  be

               able to venture down into those dark corners of my mind

               on purpose.  Armed with the tools treatment has given me
               and flanked by my allies, I will seek out my enemies and

               drive them away.  This is the day I dream of, when the

               scars in my mind, like those on my body, will be nothing
               more  than  a  reminder  of  darker  days.   Despite  the  fact

               that  my  physical  wounds  will  most  likely  soon  result  in

               early  retirement  from  the  Army,  I  will  always  be  an

               American  soldier  and  I  will  not  accept  defeat  on  any

               I  feel  an  obligation  to  tell  my  story,  because  so  many

               others  are  suffering  through  the  darkness  and  pain.
               Americans must know that the scars from PTSD are very

               real and in many ways, more painful than the ones caused

               by  bullets  or  shrapnel.   I  know,  I  have  both.   No  one

               should underestimate the power of PTSD — it has no soul
               and  fights  only  for  yours.   You  cannot  defend  yourself

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