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Official Seal of the Blue Water Navy - Vietnam
Blue Water Navy Veterans Association
Updated DIOXIN Facts

Click Here to Visit the Website

Support our Wounded Warriors with your Donation..

Support The Wounded Warrior Project

USMC Scholarship Foundation

USMC Scholarship Foundation

Dear Friends of the Scholarship Foundation,
On behalf of myself, my fellow runners, and the entire Scholarship Foundation family, I want to say thank you. With help from supporters like you, we raised nearly $8,000 to establish a scholarship in memory of our friend Corporal Larry D. Harris Jr. USMC.

USMC Scholarship Foundation

When we crossed the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon this past Sunday, we were filled with gratitude for all of the courageous Marines fighting for our country and for all of the people committed to making sure their service is never forgotten. Thank you so much for joining us in this lifelong mission to Honor Marines by Educating Their Children.

Semper Fidelis,

Veteran Captain Ashley Saville USMC
Senior Director of Development
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

P.S. If you didn't get a chance to make a gift before the Marine Corps Marathon, it's not too late to contribute in honor of Marines. Click here to give $5 or more today....

Honor Marines

Recently Accounted-For
The names listed here on the above Site are U.S. military service members once missing and are now accounted-for. Additional information may be seen by visiting the respective Vietnam, Korean War and WWII databases on this site.

(Phillip R. Hays, PhD., LT, USNR-R)

War Boats of America

Visit War Boats of America -
Learn how these Able Craft helped
so much in the overall War Effort.

If you are a Veteran having a difficult time finding a Job
in today's economy, you may find help on


Vietnam  Service Medal

The United States Navy Memorial Store
Support the United States Navy Memorial -
Visit the Gear Locker

In a Time when one thinks nothing Honorable exists any longer...
Honor and Pride Shows through again...

The US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard at Norway

Please visit YokosukaSailor's New Home Port

Veteran's Issues
A great site to help you deal with your Veteran Issues

Burial At Sea Information

Come Join the Fleet Reserve Association

Navy MSO Association
(Mine Sweeper - Ocean) "Wooden Ships - Iron Men"

USS Indianapolis CA-35 (WWII) -
The Memorial to Ship and Crew of the "Indy Maru" - and a Record of one of the worse Naval Sea Disasters in modern Naval History

HMAS Sydney (III) Royal Australian Navy Aircraft Carrier - 1943 - ?
The Vung Tau Ferry -
the HMAS Sydney (III) - the Story of this great Australian Navy Aircraft Carrier known as the "Vung Tau Ferry" from 1965-1972 during the Vietnam War is told here on this Website.

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

The Goat Locker - A Tribute Site to all Navy Chief Petty Officers (CPO's)

Veterans and Mesothelioma Awareness

Asbestos Awareness and Information Services

The Mesothelioma Cancer Center has the most comprehensive information on asbestos exposure & mesothelioma and is THE web authority on asbestos cancer and epithelial mesothelioma.

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