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BMC Dave Campbell

I joined the U.S. Navy on my 17th birthday in November 1963 as a CB (Construction Battalion) & went to boot camp in San Diego as a Construction recruit (/).

While there I signed papers (the Navy way) as required by my Company Commander (Boatswain's Mate Chief). Later I was told I had signed/shipped over to the Black Shoe Navy, I was no longer a CB. Upon graduation from boot camp I became a Seaman Duce (//). Boot camp in those days took 3 months. Vietnam was beginning to be a priority.

My 1st duty station was Pearl Harbor, Hi. I was assigned to the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, I held Morning Colors (raised the US Flag) every weekday morning at 0800. Then cleaned the memorial between tourist boats.
Being from Arizona, I liked the duty. However, it was somewhat "scary" for a 17 year old.
I was alone between tourist boats. The ship belched oil & occasionally made other noises.

Note: The Navy has a need for persons to clean/scrub heads (toilets), barracks & other odd jobs.
A seaman duce was volunteered... Guess Who?

I made Seaman & BM3 more than once... "Captains Mast" assured me of that. "I loved my liberty".

My next duty station was the USS Enhance (MSO-437) out of Long Beach, Ca. A wooden hulled ship used to detect & destroy mines.


The day after I checked aboard we went to sea...sick!

I served in six ships & seven shore stations. Some tours were short due to shipping over (Re-enlisting) for choice duty stations & knowing the ole Detailers... Ha Ha!

Boot Camp San Diego Training Center
Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Hi. Seaman Duce (SA)
USS Enhance (MSO-437) Seaman (SN)
Fitron-124 Naval Air Station Miramar (BMSN)
USS Acme (MSO-508) (BMSN)
Naval Supply Station Subic Bay, PI. (BMSN)
USS Brule (AKL-28) In Country Vietnam (Seaman-BM3)
USS Satyr (ARL-23) In Country Vietnam (BM3)
Naval Station Sangley Point, PI. (BM3)
Naval Station Yokosuka, Japan (BM3)
USS Gridley (DLG/CG-21) (BM3-BM2)
USS Oklahoma City (CLG/CG-5) (BM2-BM1)
COM 7th FLT. FLAG SHIP "Press On Regardless"
Headquarters Support Activity, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)(BM1)
Naval Station Guam Tugmaster (YTB-795) (BM1)
Naval Station Subic Bay Tugmaster (YTB-775) (BM1-BMC


I am a member of the following Associations:

Navy Mine Sweep Association: NMSOA (Thanks to NMSOA)
Mobile Riverine Force Association: MRFA Vietnam
US Naval Institute:
Fleet Reserve Association: (FRA Branch 163)
USS Oklahoma City Association:
Member United States NavyMemorial Mbr. #994437


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