The Bos'n and His Bos'n Pipe

And other Familiar Sounds 'n Music of the Sailor Past and Present



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The Bos'n on the 1MC kept us alert -
I never thought I'd Miss hearing those familiar Sounds that came to us over the "Bitch Box every day!

The Navy Bos'n Mate


First Lanyard & Pipe - Click Image for Larger View
My First Lanyard & Pipe

These Sounds are in WAV format and take a little time to download to your computer
Make sure your Speakers are turned on - but not too loud! - Ha!!!

Bos'n Pipe Sounds

The Play Button will Activate when the sounds have been downloaded

All Hands

Pipe Over the Side

Pass the Word

Heave a ?


Flight Quarters

Ship's Bell


General Quarters

Mess Call

The Navy Hymn

Sea Chanties

Note: The newer browsers no longer play midi files from Link

A Hundred Years is a Very Long Time


The Coasts of High Barbary

Botany Bay

Blow Boys

The Blue Bells of Scotland

Fire Down Below

The Jolly Young Waterman

Aweigh Santy Ano

The Saucy Sailor Boy

Our Ship She Lies in Harbour

Jack and I were Shipmates

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6 September 2008


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